Video for Marketing & Thought Leadership…on a Budget.

Video is a very powerful tool for marketing of products, services, and thought leadership material.

There’s no reason your firm – big, small or tiny – can’t have your own internal program for creating and using video for marketing.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be asked to present to the Association of Management Consulting Firms on how firms can create and use video for marketing professional services and thought leadership content. The presentation was very well received, so I thought I’d share the reference guide & companion deck that I handed out to all the attendees. I’m really bullish on (and passionate about) what video can do for marketers and thought leadership producers – and I want you to know that you, too can (cheaply! very cheaply!) launch your own capability for producing video for marketing professional services and your thought leadership content.

Here are the presentation and reference decks:

The seminar I was a part of was called “Turning Thought Leadership into Leads” and featured an amazing presentation by Bill Shander of Beehive Media on data visualization, my good friend Bob Buday of The Bloom Group sharing the results of his latest study on how consulting firms are using social media, digital platforms, and interactive graphics and video to build brand and generate new business, and the incomparable Fred Allen of Forbes talking about how they drive engagement and create conversations on their site and in their extended community. Amazing insight from Bill, Bob and Fred, and the conversations we had with the attendees (folks from firms of all sizes, from giants like KPMG and Bain down to smaller, 30-person boutique firms) were enlightening and entertaining.

I was not surprised to learn that about half of the firms attending the seminar were already using video. The case for using video to explain, brand and sell is pretty compelling:

  • One minute of video is equal to about 1.8M words of written text
  • 75% of executives reported in a study that they watch work-related videos at least weekly
  • The presence of video highly correlates with better site engagement and much greater likelihood of conversions
  • People want to watch video more than they want to read, and B2B marketers are acting on this – in 2012, 70% reported that they were using video as part of their content efforts

If you’d like learn why you should be using video (and see all the references for those bullets I quoted above), if you’d like to see what makes “good” marketing and thought leadership video, and most importantly, if you’d like to learn how to build your own video production capability from scratch, for very little money, definitely check out the slides in the deck.

And, gang, you know me – I love this stuff. I love to talk about this stuff, and I love to help people with this stuff. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to see how you can launch your own program for creating video for marketing and thought leadership. If you’re already doing so, I’d love to hear about what’s been working, what hasn’t, what you love about it, and what drives you crazy – please leave a comment below!

Seth Cargiuolo

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