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Tweeting A 140 Character Resume is Like Crashing A Party (And Not In A Good Way)

Jamming your resume into 140 characters, slapping a #hireme or #socialcv on it, and spamming everyone with it is not going to get you a job.

Video for Marketing & Thought Leadership…on a Budget.

There's no reason your firm - big, small or tiny - can't have your own internal program for creating and using video for marketing. See how we did it!

What Applebee’s *Should* Have Said

It's easy to Monday Morning Quarterback a PR or Social Media disaster. It seems like our new favorite pastime, with a robust 2012 behind us and what looks like a great 2013 coming on. It's hard, when you're in the moment, to know what the right thing to do is,…

Defining a Positive Culture

Anyone who knows me knows that I strongly believe in the old adage, attributed to Peter Drucker, that "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." I've written about corporate culture here, and I've spent many years watching (in my organization and in others) how culture entwines with strategy, policy, practice and behaviors.…

4 Steps For Leveraging Brand Advocates

If people are talking positively about your brand, you need to find them, friend them, and fully integrate these Brand Advocates into your marketing and sales efforts. And, when I say "friend," I don't mean you actually have to become for-real BFFs, but you can't just follow them on Twitter…

Changing The Rules, Part 2: 8 Steps To Build Towards Gender Balance

Just "Empowering" women won't do your organization a damn bit of good unless first you change the rules of the game such that their power actually matters. The other day, in Changing the Rules, Part 1, I explained why firms absolutely need gender balance and diversity on teams, not just…

Changing The Rules, Part 1: Why Women Leaders Are Necessary

Just "Empowering" women won't do your organization a damn bit of good unless first you change the rules of the game such that their power actually matters. About a month or so ago, I challenged you with this question: "Can women leaders truly succeed in your organization?" In that article,…

Leading From The Middle: 4 Ways To Build Your Base

Now more than ever, the guys and gals "in the middle" need to step up and be real leaders in their organization. Being caught in the middle is never easy: having to manage conflicting priorities, crazy schedules, an ever-changing business environment, demanding bosses, and a work-force that's becoming ever more…

3 Ways To Strengthen Customer Relationships Using Weak Ties

Getting new customers ain't easy. A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into earning new business. Protect that investment: use weak ties to extend the lifespan of customer relationships. As we all know, repeat customers are pretty much universally preferred to one-offs, especially in the professional services world, where…

The Next Person Who Says “Shared Purpose” Is Getting Smacked

I'm sick of people talking about Shared Purpose like it's some easy panacea for blas√© employees and stagnant, decaying business and cultural models. I'm even sicker of people talking it and not walking it. Right up front, lest I hurt any feelings or offend people I care about, let me…

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